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Welcome to my Random Story Generators.

Have you ever stared at a blank writing pad or computer screen in front of you and had no idea what to write? I've certainly done that plenty of times and, up until recently, had no real idea how to overcome it. That was until I did a little experiment. I got myself a small jar and wrote down every setting I could think of on individual pieces of paper. I then put the pieces of paper into the jar. From there, I was able to randomly chose my setting and use it for my stories.

This got me thinking - what if I could transfer it to a website where I could just click a button to choose an option from a list that I've created? That's what got me into designing this site. It is currently in its infancy until I can gather enough options for each section (and more sections!). In the meantime, enjoy the generators and I hope to help you work through your writer's block!

So, what's the difference between this site and other generators?
Well, for starters, this site is purely for the writer who is stuck on how to bring their story forward. At this point, I'm not interested in creating name generators. There are other websites for that. This focuses on the fundamentals of storywriting - character occupation, setting, theme, genre and fantasy races.

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